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Hey Soul Sister (3)
Alexa gripped her coffee mug tightly. "Remind me what you're doing here," she growled softly, refusing to meet Juno's amused black gaze.
Juno giggled. "Why, I just had passionate sex with your fiancé, of course. And may I say—" she winked. "He's quite the charmer."
"You're lying," Alexa retorted immediately. "Donnie wouldn't do that, and besides, you're married."
Juno clasped a hand over her heart. "I'm married? Christ, why didn't anyone ever tell me? Guess this means I'll have to start settling down now. I’m forever doomed to a life of long skirts, housekeeping, and popping out babies—all because I said ‘I do’ at the altar!” She flung a delicate hand to her forehead. Alexa took a sip of coffee, rolling her eyes. “Woe is me! I’ll have to shut down the Underworld, or find an heir to take over! Whatever will I say to all my lovers? They’ll be so disappointed—” she broke off the dra
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Hey Soul Sister (2)
She. Did. Not. Like. Horses.
Horses were bad ideas for people who had prosthetic limbs.
She bounced wildly in the saddle, digging her fingers into the leather in a desperate attempt to keep her seat. She tugged the reins sharply with her other hand; the horse whinnied in protest but obeyed, slowing to a walk. One thing she was grateful for was how calm and obedient the horses were. A blessing for such an awful rider like herself. She’d rather hoped that the scientists had progressed further on their attempts to rewire the trains and cars left over from before the War, but clearly this was not the case. For now, horses it was. Note to self: Look into wagons.
She could just see the road in the corner of her eye. She tugged the reins again, not quite sure how to turn the horse to the side. She could've sworn the animal actually rolled its eyes at her before swinging to the right and beginning the ascent up the shallow hill that would lead to the small town where
:iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 2 2
Hey Soul Sister (1)
Step, kick, duck, swing. Inhale. Kick, block, crouch, flip. Exhale. Swing, step, punch, duck, block, kick, swing. Deep breath. Jump, swing, duck, fall, get right back up don’t you dare stop for a moment, block, punch, kick—
She threw herself backwards as the ugly, cone-shaped head was wrenched off the long, thin neck, closing her eyes as foul-tasting oil splattered across her face. She spat, wiping her face carefully with a metal fist, wrinkling her nose at the putrid gunk. While great for getting out frustration, her line of work wasn’t exactly the cleanest.
She eyed the remains of the Spider-Bot disdainfully, brown gaze falling on the severed head. Spider-Bots were particularly tricky because their heads needed to be completely destroyed in order for them to die. Already she could see feeble signs of life returning to the mangled blades that made up the ‘Bot’s legs. She sighed and smoothed her wildly curling hair
:iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 1 2
Hey Soul Sister: Prologue
You wouldn’t have been able to tell she was there if you weren’t looking for her. The filthy trench coat she wore completely enveloped her tiny body, camouflaging her against the blackened bricks of the buildings she sat against. The rain had darkened her wildly frizzing hair, relentlessly pouring down on her as she sat in a pathetic little huddle on the street corner. All around her, people rushed past, eager to get out from the downpour despite their warm coats and umbrellas. She struggled to her torn and bloodied feet, leaning heavily against the wall as her coat dragged along behind her. She’d been walking for days. She hadn’t eaten or slept in as long, and she just wanted to curl up and die.
But little girls wandering by themselves in the rain have a tendency to attract trouble, and of course this time was no different.
A foot shot out of nowhere, stepping on the edge of her coat and making her fall onto her face. “Get up,” a harsh voice snapped
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Parisian Summers by Maerd7733SCAIP Parisian Summers :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 3 3 Then And Now: Kayara Moonsilver by Maerd7733SCAIP Then And Now: Kayara Moonsilver :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 5 4 Moonsilvers Stuff by Maerd7733SCAIP Moonsilvers Stuff :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 0 3 I Dreamed a Dream by Maerd7733SCAIP I Dreamed a Dream :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 6 4 As Long as it Takes by Maerd7733SCAIP As Long as it Takes :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 4 5
Something to Last-Chp 6 (Final)
She was having a strange dream.
It started off with a flying zebra, which was never a good sign. The zebra flew to her, prancing around her in circles, barking like a sea lion as it grew elephant ears out of its back and flapped them like wings. She vaguely noticed she wasn't wearing anything, but somehow it was hilarious. She began laughing hysterically, laughing like she hadn't done for years, tears streaming down her face and a stitch growing in her side.
The zebra barked one last time before turning and beginning to float away, trotting through the sky, starry galaxies emerging wherever its hooves touched down.
"No, wait!" she called, trying to stretch her arm out and catch the zebra's tail-if she could just catch the tail!-but something wasn't letting her arm up and she glanced down and saw roses, black thorny roses, winding around her limbs and cutting into her skin-where were her prosthetics?-and keeping her firmly rooted to the ground. She screamed and began to struggle, but th
:iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 3 5
He needed the ocean.
The reassuring, steady waves calmed him, made him feel free again. He felt like he was king of the world when he smelled the salt, felt like he could do anything. Go back in time and save her, maybe.
Stop it. Dwelling on the past never did anything.
He headed towards the door, hoping to reach the garage where he lovingly stored his surfboards, when a cup of apple juice spilled all over his shirt.
“Oh my God!” someone squeaked, and he turned to see green eyes wide under blonde bangs, long, spindly hands clasped against her mouth. Tall, strong legs, probably ran track.
He’d never seen her before.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” she babbled, waving her hands around wildly, unsure of what to do with them. “I swear I didn’t see you there, oh my God I’m so sorry, I’ve just been screwing up all night long and-”
“Do you want to get out of here?” he blurted, ignoring her frenzied squeaking.
:iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 1 4
Without a Queen by Maerd7733SCAIP Without a Queen :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 3 10 Alphonse by Maerd7733SCAIP Alphonse :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 2 12 Art Trade: Naveen by Maerd7733SCAIP Art Trade: Naveen :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 4 11 Birthday Gift: Jenn32 by Maerd7733SCAIP Birthday Gift: Jenn32 :iconmaerd7733scaip:Maerd7733SCAIP 7 30
Long, long ago, when a young Maerd was still growing and changing and living, there lived a girl. Perhaps not the most extraordinary of humans, save for two facts-the first being that she was immortal. But even this sort of thing was not so difficult to grasp as one would think, for in the time we speak of, there was no such thing as death. Everyone lived on for centuries, aging slowly but never caring. They lived in peace and prosperity, never fighting or knowing sorrows.
And in this time in Maerd’s history (though distant as it may be), there lived a girl named Tzaria.
Tzaria was a plain, ordinary girl whose only real attribute was not only her immortality, but her extraordinary healing powers. Her village often boasted of her feathery touch, deft fingers and gentle smile as she nursed the sick and wounded back to health. People came from all over the country-and, indeed, even the globe-to beg her help-help which she provided willingly. She loved what she did, loved bein
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Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren Jaeger by Ashitaro Shingeki no Kyojin - Eren Jaeger :iconashitaro:Ashitaro 1,105 55 Elf Inspired Wedding Gown by Firefly-Path Elf Inspired Wedding Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 3,219 111 Marshall Lee- Adventure Time by twinfools Marshall Lee- Adventure Time :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,498 105 Red Queen - Alice: Madness Returns by yayacosplay Red Queen - Alice: Madness Returns :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 4,318 176 How to Draw Makeup - Part I: Eyes by TwinklePowderySnow How to Draw Makeup - Part I: Eyes :icontwinklepowderysnow:TwinklePowderySnow 2,182 83
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Start Your Story
You have the story idea, a brief outline (or not), and enough motivation and/or preparation to place your fingers on the keyboard and think, Let's begin. But how does one, in fact, begin a story? How do you select the perfect scene to situate your reader without putting him to sleep? It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sea of possible beginnings before having typed a single word. This article provides a list of different ways to begin a story, long or short, pointing out their respective advantages and disadvantages. The right beginning can give you just the push you need to send you flying into the world of your characters.
A prologue is a scene or chapter that pertains to the story without featuring your protagonist at the present time. It might show your hero as a child; it might show your antagonist plotting to take over the world; it might show a
:iconguineveretogwen:GuinevereToGwen 430 129
simple lighting tutorial by sandara simple lighting tutorial :iconsandara:sandara 2,714 78 Short Rant Large by rockinrobin Short Rant Large :iconrockinrobin:rockinrobin 2,842 190 How to draw Heads by JocelynAda How to draw Heads :iconjocelynada:JocelynAda 1,786 32 Lighting Angles Front and Side by RobynRose Lighting Angles Front and Side :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 2,763 82
Why Love Is A Four Letter Word
Let me tell you why "love" is
A four letter word
Its so people will overuse it
So they'll say "love"
Every other time they speak
(A secret plot to replace "that")
So it doesn't sound weird
Like an unpronounceable rumble
Of letters for every time
You feel the need to repeat
And repeat
And repeat, those four letters.
("I love love love snickers"
Heard that sentence way too many times)
So we'll be confused by it
So easily replacing two letters
Changing "Like" to "Love"
With a flick of the tongue
So we'll adore the simplicity
Of the word that so easily spoken
Can define the thousands of emotions
We feel for each other
So it can be similar
To the words that are so
Easily birthed from it
Like "hope" and "need"
So we won't forget it
Like we sometimes forget
The smaller things about each other
Or even the larger things,
But those four letters
Will stay in our memories
And on our tongues.
"Love" is a four letter word
Because while nothing can define
They way that I feel for you
They way your ey
:iconcrumbledwings:CrumbledWings 128 7
Karkat, really? by Lirlys Karkat, really? :iconlirlys:Lirlys 4,243 316 get it because she's the maid of time by xStorm-Of-Rosesx get it because she's the maid of time :iconxstorm-of-rosesx:xStorm-Of-Rosesx 268 51 Disney Queens by kevinbolk Disney Queens :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 8,734 2,073 Clothing Wrinkles and Fabric Folding Reference by CGCookie Clothing Wrinkles and Fabric Folding Reference :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 18,748 244


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Guys, I need some help right now. I've been making clay jewelry, earrings and necklaces mostly, and I'm looking for a reliable website where I can sell them and maybe even accept commissions and the such. It'll help out with paying for college in the future, so if any of you have any suggestions, please let me know! I know that only a few of my watchers look at my stuff, but this is a pretty urgent situation, so I'd like to have as many people help out as they can! :please:
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